A Ghoulish Garland For Halloween

A Ghoulish Garland For Halloween

The front door may have a Spooky Skulls & Beautiful Bones Halloween Wreath hung upon it, but now it needs a ghoulish garland to complete my hair-raising Halloween front porch.  The combination of the two is sure to let all who visit know, that the mom who lives here, means serious Halloween business.  This DIY garland took me all of 10 minutes to put together and is easy enough for a kid to do, even my kid.  Here’s all you need to know below:


Jute Rope (1/2″ wide)

Silk Black Leaf Vines

Sheer Fabric (1/2 yard)

Burlap Wire Edged Ribbon (or any wire edged ribbon of your choice)

Orange Twinkle Lights

Floral Wire

Wire Cutters

Hot Glue Gun

Glue Sticks



Step 1.  Tape the rope around the full length of a door frame.  If you prefer, skip the tape and secure the garland to the door frame it will actually be hung from.  It was too cold outside to work today, so I decided to put my garland together inside my warm, cozy home, hence the tape.

Step 2.  Using floral wire, attach the black silk leaves to the rope.  Any leaves that fell off during this process, which inevitably always happens, were fastened back on with hot glue.

Step 3.  Tuck strips of tattered sheer fabric into and around the leaf vines.  Fasten with glue gun.

Step 4.  Make a 5 loop bow with the burlap ribbon, like I did here in this bows like a pro tutorial.  Wire the bow to the top center point of the garland.  Drape the excess ribbon across the top of the garland and down the sides.

Step 5.  Hang your garland where it will be displayed and add a strand of orange twinkle lights.  Here is the garland before the lights were added.

And, after the lights were put into place.

The garland coordinates seamlessly with the wreath I made previously, and gives off a creepy, yet still pretty vibe.  Which is a step up from the fake spider webs and twinkle lights I usually tack up around my front door.

I made this adorbs “The Witch Is In/Out” sign a few years back, and decided it makes the perfect addition to the front door.

Add a few pumpkins to the mix, a webtastic door mat, and some sparkly purple berries, and this front porch is ready to get its spook on.

Give this garland a try, maybe even add your own twist, and share it with me.  I would love to see what you come up with.  Happy Halloween decorating!




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