Super Bowl Front Door

All Ready For Super Bowl XLIX!

3 days until Super Bowl XLIX and it’s time to place the finishing touches on the entryway.

The 12th Man wreath had already been hung, the flower pots had been wrapped in Seahawks colors, and the football field door mat was in place.   The first finishing touch to take care of was lighting.  Lighting is one of the easiest ways to make your decorations go from nice to wow.

Lazy me has yet to put the Christmas boxes in the attic, so the lights were quite easy to grab from the pile of boxes clogging up our garage.  The red C7 Christmas bulbs were replaced with blue and green bulbs.  Next, I used twist ties to string on a line of blue 100 ct. string lights to the C7 line.   Using twist ties gives the cords a neater look and also makes the lights easier to hang.

Light cords are quite unattractive and would not look nice strung around my front door.  One of my favorite ways of hiding cording is to use tinsel.  Not only is it weather resistant, but it is also heat resistant and sparkles in the light.   Green and blue tinsel was hard to come by  this time of year and the closest thing I could find was St. Patty’s Day themed.  That was easy enough to deal with by pulling all the clovers off the tinsel.  They came right off with a slight tug and only took me a couple minutes to do.  When the tinsel was ready, it was wrapped onto the light cords.

A very generous friend of mine gave me these awesome Snap-N-Glow letter kits a few years ago.  I use them all the time and if you love to decorate with outdoor lights, they are worth the investment.  The letter panels are very versatile and can be hung from your gutters or staked in the lawn.  They change out quickly and can be used for any occasion or holiday.

The one thing I do not like is that during the day its difficult to read the sign.  Again, out comes the tinsel.  It really makes the sign pop and look great day or night.

Now that the lighting was up, all the porch needed was a couple of 12th Man flags and it was officially ready for Super Bowl XLIX!


One last look before I move inside to decorate the living room.

I would love to hear what you would do to put your own spin on this look.  Happy Super Bowl decorating!

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