Bird Feeder Spring Cleaning

The weather has been sunny and gorgeous here in Seattle the past couple days, and I have noticed the birds are beginning to return.  A little Rufus hummingbird even performed a flyby for me as I was weeding around the fruit trees yesterday.  I love the life and sweet sounds the birds bring to my garden, as well as the free pest control they provide me with.

To encourage them to visit my garden, I have bird feeders hung in different places around my yard.  After Mr. Rufus made his first appearance, it reminded me it was time to check the feeders and fill them for Spring.  Stinky, moldy, nastiness is what I found.  One of the feeders even had seeds sprouting inside it.  Yuck!

This is not only disgusting, but very unhealthy for my little bird friends.  Time for a quick bird feeder spring cleaning.

First, I scrape out all the gunk with a knife.  I do this outside, over the yard waste bin because it really stinks and I do not want it in my house.  My boxer puppy couldn’t keep her nose away from the putrid smell.  Mmmmmm!

Next, I bring the feeders inside, give them a quick rinsing, and a good old fashioned bleach job like my Mama taught me.  Place them in a sink, or bucket, filled with hot water and 1/2 cup of bleach for an hour or two.  After they have soaked, use an old bottle brush to clean out the inside of the feeder, but please don’t use the bottle brush of an actual baby you know.  Give that nasty feeder a good scrubbing, rinse thoroughly, and set aside to air dry.

To attract different types of birds to my garden, I like to use different types of bird seed.  Your local hardware store should carry an appropriate seed for your area’s birds.  For my feeders, I like to fill one with a wild bird seed mix, one with sunflowers, and the last with a brick of suet.  The sunflowers and the suet are the favorites around here.

Hang those beautifully clean feeders and wait for your first Springtime visitor.  As I type this, I already see three little chickadees at the pink feeder having dinner.  Bon appetit!

Do you feed the birds in your garden?  If so, what kinds of birds do you see at the feeder?  Happy bird watching!




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