Bows Like A Pro DIY Quick Tip

Back in the late 1980’s, I was an enthusiastic teen crafter with a Velcro wallet full of babysitting money to burn.   My teen crafting purchase of glory, was the As Seen On TV! EZ Deluxe Bow Maker.  It was a wonder of bow making bedazzlement and my first ever purchase from a TV infomercial.  An infomercial!  I’ll tell ya, times were technologically crazy back then.

That EZ Deluxe Bow Maker of mine made bows for homecoming, bows for prom, bows for birthdays, bows for hair, bows for showers, and in the end, bows for my wedding.  I loved that bow maker and carried it in it’s original packaging for years.  I don’t know why.  It was frustrating as hell to use because the dumb dowels were always coming loose.  Which meant all your hard work would fall apart and you would have to start all over.

While making bow, after bow for my wedding, I realized I didn’t need the dumb piece of wooden crap.  All I needed was the trick that made a gorgeous bow possible.

Are you ready for it?  This big huge trick?  You have to twist and flip the ribbon.  That’s it!  Seriously, it is that easy.  Here, let me show you in pictures.

1. Depending on the size of the bow you want to make, begin with a length of ribbon folded in half.  For this ribbon, I used a length of ribbon about 42 inches long.

2.  Five inches from the folded edge, twist the ribbon around so that the back side is facing up.

3.  Fold the ribbon back over, making another 5 inch loop on the left side.  Twist the ribbon at the pinch so it is once again facing wrong side up.

4.  Twist the ribbon around again, and fold it, making a 3 inch loop on the right.  Repeat for the left loop.

5.  To complete the bow, add one last 1 inch loop.

6.  Wrap a 10 inch length of wire around the bow and twist it tightly closed.

7.  The bow will look at flat and ugly until you pouf it up.  I recommend using a ribbon with a wire edge because it makes it really easy to form nice, fluffy loops.

For the St. Patty’s Day Garland I designed, I kept the bows small and simple.  However, you can make fuller bows by adding more loops.  Or, you can make bigger bows, by adding 8 inch loops instead of 5 inch loops.  The possibilities are endless now that you know how to make a bow like a pro.


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