Christmas Pillows sewn from Old Sweaters Min

Christmas Pillows Sewn From Old Sweaters

Christmas pillows, a beautifully cozy way to adorn your home during the holidays, but also an expensive one.  Quality pillows will run you $19.99 (on the cheap end) on up to $50+, easily costing you a Franklin to fluff up an arm chair or two.  A little rich for my blood, and a holiday expense I’ld rather not shell out.  However, after swooning over pillow after pillow on Instagram, and in stores, I knew I needed a few to satisfy my holiday décor cravings.  Which meant it was time to go old school and pull out the Singer.

Since I was trying to save a buck, I wanted to find an inexpensive holiday fabric that would feel thick, snuggly, and warm.  I didn’t have Christmas fabric lying around, but I did have a few old sweaters that were headed to the donation bin, and they happened to be the perfect colors.  A trip to Goodwill garnered me 2 more sweaters for a heck of a deal.  Using the sweaters, I cut out a simple square, sewed around the edges, stuffed it with a tired, old pillow I had in the closet, and sewed the pillow cover shut.  It was quick, simple, and worth it.

Simply follow the steps below to sew your own Christmas pillows from old sweaters.

1.  Wash the sweaters according to the labels directions.  I added fabric softener to make the pillows extra luxurious and wonderful smelling.

2.  Cut the sleeves off of the sweater.

3.  Cut the neck off the sweater.

4.  Square up the fabric as much as possible, making sure it will fit the pillow you intend to cover.

5.  Turn the fabric outside in.  Sew around the edges of the fabric, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Leave an opening at the bottom of the pillow square big enough to accommodate your pillow.

6.  Turn the fabric right side back out, insert an old pillow, and stich the opening closed with a sewing machine, or by hand.

Your snuggly new pillows are ready for Christmas cuddles and holiday movies.  My kids are already fighting over their favorites, and both of them have tried to sneak said pillows into their beds.  Not happening my sneaky, little sweeties.

May this post inspire you to dig out and old sweater, or 2, and repurpose them into a pillows your family will be arguing over.  Happy sewing!

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  1. If you aren t lucky enough to have a beloved yet stained ancient sweater lying around, hit up your local thrift stores. I don t want to give too much away yet, but this pillow inspired my whole Christmas look this year.

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