Corridor Of Suffering Souls Tutorial

Corridor Of Suffering Souls Tutorial

The hallway is, all too often, the forgotten area of the home, especially when it comes to holiday decorating.  Yet, we pass through it how many times a day?  And, when you entertain, doesn’t every guest scuttle down your hallway at least once in search of the powder room?  For shame!  Time to put that hallway to spooky good use as a corridor of suffering souls for Halloween.  This haunted hall is sure to make your guests second guess using the facilities.

To begin, stone wall scene setter wallpaper was stapled to the walls.  Black plastic tablecloth was stapled to the ceiling and the back hallway wall.

Once the paper was up, construction began on the back wall, which was to feature a wall of hands reaching for freedom.  Two 2×4 studs were measured and cut to the length of the ceiling height, and secured to the corners of the wall using a cordless drill and wood screws.

Next, 14 1×4 pine boards were secured to the studs in a haphazard manner, leaving enough space between boards to house a plastic hand.

Hands from Dollar Tree were then tucked between the boards in random positions to look like people on the other side of the boards.

Some cheesecloth, chains, and hooks were added for a truly creepy effect.

3D portraits, which I have been collecting for a few years now, were hung in place of my usual family portraits.

Rope was strung across the ceiling and, during the Halloween party, fishing line will be hung from it to give guests that creepy cobweb feeling as they walk through the strands.

A skelly victim was hung at the entrance as a gruesome greeting.

On Halloween, the doors will all be covered in black plastic to make the hallway extra dark and creepy, but for now, plastic dollar tree door knockers were hung with tape.  The kids love the “creepy hotel” vibe it gives their bedroom doors.

For that final, malicious touch, the hallway light bulbs will all be changed out, from white to red, on all Hallows Eve.  Only time will tell how many visitors make it down the hallway and back out alive.   Muhahahaha!

Happy hallway haunting my ghoulish friends!

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