Creepy Clown Bathroom Scare

Creepy Clown Bathroom Scare

Looking for an original way to terrify your guests this Halloween?  This creepy clown prop is sure to scare the crap out of anyone who dares to enter the water closet.  Cue circus music.  The clownspiration for this prop was the little blue creeper you see below.  My little brother gave me this as a gag gift one Christmas, and every October he gets pulled out of storage and is used as a family scare tactic.

Each day, he is placed in a new terrifying spot by the person who was scared by him the day before.  For example, I placed him in my son’s lunch box, my son then placed it under his sisters blankets, and she in turned placed him peeking out of her brother’s window blinds the next night.  It goes on, and on.  Yes, we are a strange family, but man do we laugh a lot.

For this bathroom nightmare you need a clown costume (I found this one at Goodwill for $5), a gallon of water (wait for it), a clown mask, plastic hands, and an additional wig if your mask doesn’t have hair.

To begin, measure the length between the top of your toilet tank and floor.  Measure and cut the clown suit to the same length.  You can chuck the legs, or, you can save them for another prop I will tell you about later.

Cut open the crotch of the costume and slide it over the top of the tank.  Tie it on to secure and secure with duct tape.

Place a gallon of water in the neck hole, this is going to be the base for your mask.  If you are worried about slippage, secure the jug with some duct tape.  Tie the costume collar around the base of the jug.  Then, add the mask, hair, and hat.  Secure mask and hat with duct tape.  This mask looks extra spooky because I paid a few extra shekels for a light up one.  In the dark its amazing!  There were eye and air holes in the mask, but they were camouflaged with some white duct tape.

A small slit was cut in the costume to accommodate the toilet handle and, to make the arms and shoulders a little more life like, they were stuffed with plastic grocery bags.  A plastic dollar store hand was placed in the shirt cuff and also secured with tape.  If I have time, I am either going to spray paint the hands white, or find some gloves to cover them with.

Creepy Creeper the Clown is ready for some Halloween action!  I cannot wait to hear the reactions of my Halloween party guests.  Muhahaha!

Happy creeping!


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