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Creepy Clown Halloween Bathroom Makeover

Halloween guests that attempt to use this creepy clown bathroom are sure to leave feeling frightened and very disturbed.  It just may be the cleanest bathroom you have ever seen after a party, because no child, or grown man, dares to pee (except maybe in their pants).  In fact, one young man who opened the door to this clown filled craziness actually did just that.

“Ms. Stacy,” he exclaimed!  “Clowns are my worst fear and that bathroom is really scary!  I just wet my pants.  Really!”

HAHAHA!  That comment right there made my Halloween.  If scaring people is your thing, then have clown around with me, and make your guests wet their pants.

The first thing I did to makeover the bathroom, was cover the walls and ceiling in a combination of Halloween scene setters and a roll of black plastic tablecloth.  See my tutorial on haunting the halls here for more info.  I do this every year to my bathroom, and it is usually filled with spooky skulls, crows, and cobwebs as décor.  However, I wanted to really make people cringe, and skulls weren’t doing the trick.

While browsing Halloween bathroom decorations, I had run across a Freddy Krueger toilet.  I liked him, A LOT, but wanted to change him up and, for some reason, I thought sitting on a clowns lap trying to use the bathroom ought to do the trick.  This clown toilet tank cover became the piece de resistance of my water closet and was deceptively easy to make.  The full tutorial for this dreadful clown toilet can be found here.

Once I had Mr. Clown in place, I knew I had to keep moving in the joker’s direction.  I went to the web once more and found some clown pictures that I saved and printed off on a color printer.  Having all these freaky smiles staring at you while you try to do your business is no joke.

While costume shopping at Party City, my daughter and I ran into this guy who, very appropriately, plays circus music when he senses motion.  It sent my teen running down the aisle and I knew he HAD to come home with us.  (Sorry, babygirl, I’ll pay for your therapy.)  He was hung in the bathroom skylight by a small hook and few tacks.  His eyes also light up, but it’s the creepy circus music that really takes this bathroom from a little frightening to full on freak out.

Of course, the devil is in the details, and this bathroom has lots of them.

First detail, lighting.  Changing out white light bulbs to red, adding color changing pumpkin lights to shelves, or a simple flickering candle, will add a truly spooky ambiance.  The red reminds your guests of blood, the changing lights cast shadows and the flickering candle with cause those shadows to move and shift.

Second detail, dollar store items.  Google eyes that glow in the dark, oversized sunglasses, a rainbow wig, and some makeup give the impression a clown actually dresses in this bathroom.

Third detail, items you may already own that can be added to the mix.  The legs hanging from the ceiling were the pants from the clown toilet prop.  I stuffed them with some plastic grocery bags, added some socks (because I couldn’t find cheap clown shoes), and used tacks to hang them from the ceiling.  I also had this clown door cover from years past, but moved it from its usual position in the hallway to the bathroom.

Lastly, don’t forget the comfort items your guests will need when they use the facilities.  It’s easy to change out everyday items with seasonal options.  Instead of boring white towels, I found these inexpensive bright yellow ones at Wal-Mart to replace my grungy ones.  I also scored this comfy red rug on clearance.  It has dual decorating uses because I can also use it when Christmas comes around.  Even a cute, Halloween hand soap dispenser makes an impact.

Put it all together, and this bathroom goes from typical to extraordinary!

Give a few of these ideas a try and let me know how your Halloween party goers react.  Happy clowning around my fellow haunters!



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