DIY Quick Tip – Wreath Hanger

We have all seen them.  Those ugly, plain, metal or plastic wreath hangers that stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the look of the wreath hanging on the front door.  Well no more!  This is a DIY Quick Tip that should take you 5 minutes, or less.

Snag that wreath hanger from the front door, pick a ribbon that matches your wreath, and grab the glue gun.

Measure your ribbon to the length of the wreath hanger.  Add 1/2 inch to the top of the ribbon.  This will be folded over and glued to prevent fraying.  Add enough to the bottom of the ribbon so that you can wrap the hanger loop in ribbon.  This will give it a more finished look.

Cut your ribbon and hot glue it to the wreath hanger.   Hang it back on the front door and you are done.   You can even change the ribbon as you change your wreath each season.  A quick and easy DIY that makes a big difference.   Enjoy!

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