DIY T-Shirt Flags


DIY T-Shirt flags are super cheap (read free), quick (like a knife fight in a phone booth), and easy to sew (can you manage a straight line).  They are a fun way to snaz up family reunions, campouts, parties, classrooms, or even a kid’s bedroom.  I recently made these T-shirt flags for a campout we attend each summer called Family Blossom (for more on that click here).  The family flags looked sharp all strung on a line and were the perfect backdrop for photos and games.  Here is how I did it:

1)  Make a pattern for the T-shirt flag.  Print out, cut out, and tape together a copy of the pattern I used for my flag which can be found here: T-Shirt Flag Pattern

Or, create your own pattern, by measuring the length and width of the smallest t-shirt in the pile.  Use this measurement (mine was 18″ X 18″), to determine the size of your flag.   Draw the triangle pattern on a piece of wrapping paper and cut it out.

2)  Pin the pattern to the front of the shirt and cut out the flag.  Save the scraps for later.

3)  Sew the front and back of the flag together using a 3/8 inch seam allowance.  Leave the bottom of the flag unsewn.

4)  Turn the flag inside out through the bottom opening and press the seams flat with an iron.

5)  Use the leftover shirt scraps to cut out 2 strips of fabric approximately 2″ X 24″. 

6)  Sew the fabric strips onto the top corners of the backside of the flag.

7)  Fold, press, and sew the opening at the bottom of the flag closed. 

Your flag is now ready to be hung and flown with pride, just like ours.  Happy flag making!

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