Easter Chick DIY

This girl is going a little cray cray making outdoor Easter decorations.  It started with the Easter Eggs, then came the Carrot Patch, and now I am adding a couple of hatching chicks to the colorful display.  This Easter Chick DIY is what I like to call a Dollar Store hack, and it’s so easy, it’s stupid.  As you probably guessed, all the items used in this hack came from the Dollar Store and have been repurposed from their original intended use.  For example, the Easter egg is actually a sand bucket and the felt chick is supposed to be a wall hanging.   Who cares what it’s supposed to be, let’s turn it into something adorbs for Easter.


  • 2 Egg Shaped Sand Buckets
  • Felt Easter Chick
  • Easter Grass
  • Paint Sticks
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Hammer & Nail

1.  Start by removing the handle on the egg sand bucket, or leave it if that suits you.  I   removed it so it would look more like an egg and less like a sand toy.

2.  To keep water from collecting in the bucket and ruining the display, carefully poke a few holes in the bottom of the bucket using a nail and hammer.  Use light taps!  I was much to rough with the first hole I tried to punch and it cracked the bottom of the bucket in half.  Luckily, it didn’t totally break, and since the crack will allow water to escape, I am moving on with my mistake.

3.  Add hot glue to the bottom portion, on the back of the felt chick.  Press and hold it onto the inside of the egg, until set.

4.  To make sure the little chicky doesn’t fly away in the wind, we need to secure it in the garden soil.  To do this, cut a paint stick in half and hot glue it to the backside, bottom of the egg.

5.  To make the egg look like it has been cracked in half, hot glue the second half of the paint stick to the bottom of the second egg bucket.

6.  Add a some Easter grass to the bucket.

7.  Install the hatching chick and eggs in the garden.

Make one, make two, make a whole family!  The chicks look great underneath a tree that’s been decorated with plastic eggs or, sitting next to newly emerging perennials.  Do you have an Easter Dollar Store hack of your own?  I would LOVE to hear it.


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