Easter Garden Arbor

This is my last outdoor Easter decoration, I promise.  My garden arbor needed a little love and for some reason I kept thinking carrots, make carrots, gigantic carrots.  I figured they would look great next to the carrot patch I had created and the bright orange would really pop.  Boy do they!

The carrots were made from scrap wood and could easily be paired down, or sized up, to fit your own arbor.  Since I was working with an 8 foot piece of scrap wood, I was limited to making 4 foot tall carrots, but just think of how great an 8 foot carrot would look.  Talk about making a statement!

Measure out the carrot, and make a rough sketch of your cutting lines.  Using a jig saw, carefully cut out your first carrot shape.  To make a matching pair, lie the freshly cut carrot down on top of the next piece of scrap wood and trace around it.

Repeat the jigsaw action for the second carrot and then lightly sand each one.

Tape off the carrot tops with painters tape and then spray those carrots with the brightest orange spray paint you can stand.  Allow to dry and apply a second coat.  If your carrots will be seen from the back, flip the carrots over and give the backside a coat of paint as well.

Remove the carrot top tape, and apply tape to the upper portion of the carrot.  Spray paint the topper with green spray paint, allow to dry, and repeat.  Flip the carrot over and paint the back too.

For installation, add 2 small wood screws to the back of the carrot.  Make sure the screws do not poke through to the front of the carrot.  Add a 12 inch piece of wire to the screw and shoot it with a quick dab of orange spray paint to conceal the hardware.

Wire the carrot to the arbor and it is good to go.  After the carrot was installed, I decided to add a few white accent lines so the carrots wouldn’t look so flat and boring.

To finish it up, some Easter garland, an Easter bunny face, and a homemade bow, made by using my Bows Like A Pro DIY Quick Tip, were added to the arbor.  Here are a few glamour shots of the completed and adorable Easter garden arbor.

May this DIY inspire you to add a carrot or 2 to your Easter décor.  Hoppy decorating!

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