Easter Mantel

Oh how I love the colors of Easter!  After living with the grey of winter for 4 months, the cheerful, bright flowers and décor add a much needed splash of happy to our home.  This year’s Easter mantel is a mix of old and new, with a few DIY projects thrown into the mix, this is a DIY blog after all.

The mantel began with the Easter egg wreath I have had for years, being hung on the pallet wall mount.  A number of the eggs had fallen off, but that was quickly remedied with a few drops of hot glue.

Sadly, I don’t own any white vases, but I have plenty of cheap glass ones from the florist and a full can of white spray paint.  I ran that dusty vase through the dishwasher, turned it upside down in a well ventilated area, and lightly spray painted it with multiple coats.  Yes, you can spray paint glass, but here is the problem.  It will not last forever and it is not dishwasher safe.  This puppy will have to be hand washed, but this broke girl don’t mind a little hand washing if it means I get a pretty new vase for next to nothing.

Once the vase had dried, I brought it inside and filled it with some pretty black currant branches that were just beginning to leaf out.  To up the cuteness factor, I hot glued some stale jelly beans, that I stumbled upon in my Easter bin, to the branches.  I even convinced my son for about 5 minutes that the jelly bean tree was real.  Until his big sister had to fill him in on my devious trick.

The little bunny tchotchkes are older than my 13-year-old daughter, and their missing ears prove it.  When my sweet girl was a toddler, she used to get a chair and climb up the shelves to get to them.  Her rough play left them chipped and earless and, although I was angry at the time, the sweet memory now makes me chuckle each time I pull them out of the Easter bin.

Any excuse to buy flowers makes me happy, and these cheerful shasta daisies and daffodils did the trick.  How can they not bring a smile to your face?

I have always wanted one of those wire egg baskets that all my chicken raising friends have to collect their eggs in.  Not sure if this is actually an egg basket, but I found it at Value Village for $2 and it looks close enough to me.  Over the weekend, the kids and I watched a movie and painted some plastic eggs to look a bit more realistic.  The paint chips easily, but these are for show, not handling, so they will be fine.

The last thing I added to the mantel was this wooden egg and carrot I made out of some scrap wood and spray paint.  They were super quick, and add height and color to the arrangement.  To make them, I drew out a pattern, used a jig saw to cut out the shapes, lightly sanded, spray painted, and add details with acrylic paint.  These were leaned against the wall, so no mounting hardware was necessary.

With that, the mantel is ready for Easter and I am off to start planning our Easter feast.


Happy Easter decorating, peeps!



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