Easy Peasy Pallet Shelf DIY

Easy Peasy Pallet Shelf DIY

We are closing in on the finish line of my son, Keegan’s, bedroom makeover.   One of the last big projects I have to tackle is finding a way to add more storage to his small space.  He is into science big time and his desk if overflowing with bottles, potions, and test tubes.  We wanted a place to display all of his science equipment in a fun way, but still make it easily accessible for him.  This easy peasy pallet shelf is what I came up with.  To make one of your own, follow the super simple instructions below.

First, procure yourself a free pallet.  Plug in a Skilsaw and rip the pallet down the back side, to the right of the middle 2 x 4 support.  Flip the pallet over and repeat.

Remove the back pallet slats with a crowbar, hammer, and a little elbow grease.

To create the shelves, cut 2 pieces of birch board to measure 48 inches long x 8 inches wide.  Secure them to the 2 x 4 supports using 1 1/2 inch woods screws.

Next up, add a lip of trim around the edges of both shelves.  Using left over pallet slats, measure & cut the following boards:

4 – 16.5″ long

2  – 16″ long

4  – 9″ long

Use a brad nailer to tack the 16″ board to the center of the shelf.  Attach a 16.5″ board on either side of the middle piece.  Use a 9″ piece for the left and right side of the shelf.  Repeat for second shelf.

Give the whole shelving unit a sanding using 100 grit sand paper, followed by 220 grit sand paper.  Wipe clean to remove dust and debris.

Apply 2 to 3 coats of paint color, or stain, of your choice.  We went for a dark blue to match the new bedroom décor.  Allow to cure for 48 hours.

To hang this baby, I used 8 nice, long wood screws to secure it to studs in the wall.  It is not going anywhere.

Here are a few beauty shots of the new scientist display shelf.

Everything is organized, easy to reach, and is finally up off his desk.  Giving us one happy mom and one happy kid.   Happy pallet hunting!

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