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Fall Floating Shelves

The white floating shelves in my dining room are one of my favorite spots in the house to decorate.  The neutral colors of the shelves and wall make décor pop, they receive the best natural light in the house, and are one of the first things guests see when they walk in the front door.  Making them a focal point and a conversation piece (or, when I’m lazy, a huge eye sore).  For September, I wanted them to say, “Fall has arrived!”.  However, I also wanted them to be cherry, bright, and celebrate the abundance of my summer garden.  Here is a peek at what I came up with.

These charming blue mason jars from Target, were the first pieces I chose for the display.  The beach blue color may not exactly scream fall, but when mixed with the typical oranges, reds, and yellows of the season, it works.  To keep it simple and sweet, I only popped one flower into each vase.  They are all zinnias from my cutting garden, but each one is a unique variety and color.

To balance the blue jars on the bottom shelf, I placed 3 different types of blue jars on the top shelf.  One is filled with pinecones that were gathered on a walk about with the pups and sterilized.  The other jar is bursting with my favorite cutting flower of the moment, amaranth, also known as ‘Love Lies Bleeding’.  If you have a garden, this plant is a must grow.

Flowers aren’t the only star of my fall garden this year, so is the squash.  I have never had this many pumpkins, and my zucchini has never been this humongous, or plentiful.  It’s gotten so bad, I have taken to placing squash at my neighbor’s doors, knocking, and then running away.  If only I could see the look on their faces from the bushes.

Jars of homemade canned goods, lentils, seeds, and nuts look right at home.

As do the pretty glass pumpkin jar with split peas waiting to be made into soup, and the glass vessel brimming with hemp blossoms.  The vintage jack o’ lantern tea light holders were just given to me by an old friend, and a last minute, but oh so adorable, addition.

To tie the whole look together, I painted a couple of rustic signs made from reclaimed cedar fencing.  You will find the sign tutorial by clicking here.

Here are a couple more pics of my fall floating shelves before I bid you adieu (because it’s all about the pictures, right?).

Happy fall decorating!



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