Flag Pole Scarecrow DIY

Flag Pole Scarecrow DIY

Scarecrows are an iconic Fall decoration and any well decorated home should feature one at Halloween.  They are easy to put together, cheap, and look great at night with a colored light shining up at them.  The flag pole in my front yard was sitting empty, and it seemed like the perfect place to feature a huge scarecrow to watch over my yard haunt.  This creepy scarecrow was made in about an hour, and is already causing quite the creepy stir in my neighborhood.  Keep reading for my easy to follow tutorial below.

To rig up this scarecrow you need; a sturdy flag pole, 4 foot wood stick, duct tape, a black robe and/or fabric, a large foam pumpkin, branches, black paint pen, and an outdoor flood light.

First, place the pumpkin on top of the flag pole.  Mark the bottom of the pumpkin, on the pole, with a pencil.

Place the wood stick into the sleeves of the black robe and slide the robe onto the flag pole.  Duct tape the wood stick onto the flag pole, just below the pencil mark made previously.  Duct tape that sucker on there good and tight.  It needs to hold the weight of the robe, branches, and stand up to wind and rain.

Duct tape a couple of branches to the ends of the wood stick.

Print a stencil, or 2, off of the web and cut the pattern(s) out.  Tape the stencil to the pumpkin, trace with a pencil, and then fill the drawing in with a black paint pen.  If any pencil marks remain, simply erase them.



These are the 2 stencils I combined to create my dude’s creepy face.

Affix some duct tap to the top of the flag pole and set the pumpkin head atop the pole.  For a fuller look, I added some additional black satin fabric to the scarecrow.

Carefully, haul the big guy outside, being careful not to break the arm branches.  Lift him up and fasten the scarecrow’s pole to the flag pole, as required by the manufacturer.  He looks huge and magnificent!

Love his creepy grin.

Another shot of him keeping watch over the graveyard.

And one of him from the cemetery entrance.

Be sure to add an outdoor floodlight, so that he will be seen at night.

At dusk, he really begins to come alive.

If you have a flag pole, give this easy to make scarecrow a try, and creep the heck out everyone who drives by.  Happy spooking!




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