Flower Pot DIY Quick Tip

While working on the set up crew for the Pacific Northwest Flower & Garden Show last February, I learned this handy dandy flower pot quick tip.

The professionals don’t actually plant the flowers.  WHAT?  I know!  It blew my small mind.  The pros leave the plants snuggly in their pots and hide the ugly plastic with compost, mulch, or some other waterproof material.

Now, whenever I make a temporary outdoor holiday display or party display, I always leave my plants in their original pots.  I used this technique for the Seahawk Flower Pots and for the LOVE Letters  Valentine’s Day display.  Its saves time, energy, and makes clean up a snap.

If you have your own gardening DIY Quick Tip to share, I would love to hear it.  Happy gardening!

2 thoughts on “Flower Pot DIY Quick Tip

  1. I’ve seen this also done in a landscape during an install. The trees and shrubs were all left in their pots and wouldn’t have been found without the new plants going in. I was horrified. P.S. this isn’t recommended for landscapes but awesome ideas when mocking up a display!

    • The plants were left in the pots during an actual install? Yikes! Way to kill the plants and not give them a chance to grow. Yes, this quick tip is only meant for temporary displays, not actual gardening.

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