From Peacock To Seahawk

Found this semi-ugly holiday wreath on clearance this week.  I don’t know if it was the blue and green, or the peacock feathers, or the fact I had a dream about Russell Wilson the night before, but it screamed, “Turn me into a Seahawk wreath!”

First, the peacock wreath was stripped down to the bare bones.  Originally, I was going to leave on the evergreens, but it still looked to Christmassy.  After I removed them, the wreath looked better, but haggard.  I flipped it over to the wrong side and found it looked much nicer, so I decided to make it the new front.

Time to reuse all possible pieces by gluing on glitter and painting the berries a darker shade of blue.  To glue on the glitter, dilute 4-6 Tbsps. of Elmer’s Glue with about 4 Tbsps. of water. Paint the glue on with a brush, and then sprinkle on the glitter.

Paint the berries and the leaves.  I found that the thinner I made the paint, the more it allowed the undercoat of glitter to sparkle.  Experiment and see what looks best to you.

Allow these to dry over night so you don’t have a disaster of glitter and glue on your hands.  Speaking of disasters, the glittering is messy business.  It would be wise to lay out newspapers to help contain the mess and make cleanup easier.

To make new ribbons for the Seahawk wreath, I first deconstructed the old ribbon so I could use it as a guide.  Using the old ribbon, I measured out my new 2 1/2″ wide ribbon and a 1″ sheer blue ribbon to about 24 inches in length.  Next, I pinched the ribbon 8 inches from each end, and brought them together to form a loop.  Secure tightly and leave extra wire so you can secure it to the wreath.

Paint the number 12 white and secure a piece of wire to the back of the number.  This will be used to attach it to the wreath.

Wire up the dried berries and feathers and secure them to the wreath.  As well, as the number 12.  Add a wire to the back top of the wreath to make hanging it on the door easy.  Lastly, arrange the ribbons to your liking.

This wreath is really girly, but it has inspired me to make a more manly Seahawk wreath.  What would you do to make the wreath more manly?  Check back next week to see what I do.  GO HAWKS!

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