Galvanized Steel Tub Christmas Tree Stand How To

Galvanized Steel Tub Christmas Tree Stand How To

The family Christmas tree, the love and bane of my holiday existence.  Yes, trees are gorgeous, smell wonderful (if you have a real one), and cozy up the winter home in a way only a Christmas tree can.  However, they can be very messy (especially a real one), are a pain in the ass to clean around, are usually too low to the ground to accommodated our ridiculous pile of gifts, and can be very tricky to maneuver around Christmas morning when the designated gift coordinator is trying to hand out presents.

This galvanized steel tub turned Christmas tree stand is the solution to all of the above problems.  Not only does it look terrific, but it is also super easy to make.  Here is all you need to do…

Procure yourself a galvanized steel tub that is large enough to accommodate your tree stand.  I found mine at the local hardware store, but they can also be found at feed stores, Target, online, and even garage sales.  A tub will run you $20 on up, but are worth the investment because they can be used all year round (more ideas on that to come).

Lay a piece of 1/2″ plywood on the ground, place the tub on top of the plywood, and trace around the tub’s bottom.  Grab yourself a jig saw and line the saw blade up 1/2″ from your pencil mark, so that your finished circle is slightly larger than the one you traced.  Cut out the wood circle and make a small notch.  This notch will make it much easier for you to insert and remove the plywood.

Place the wood base inside the tub and gently, yet firmly, snug the plywood down into the tub until it is nice and tight.  The last thing you want is for the wood to tip or shift, causing your beautiful Christmas tree to topple.

Next, add your tree stand and tree.  My tree stand was a tight fit, but also a secure fit.  If your stand is a little wobbly, you can secure it to the wood base with some screws, or some other ingenious tactic.

To cover the ugly, a pretty tablecloth I had on hand was placed in the tub.  You could use a traditional tree skirt, a fun blanket, wrapping paper, or gifts.  Whatever floats your holiday boat!

The tree pre-decorations.  Usually we slap every ornament we own on the tree, but this year, I wanted a more sophisticated look.  So, I lived with the tree like this for a week before I finally decided on a color theme; red, silver, and white.

Out came all the red, silver, and white ornaments and away went everything else.  To jazz the tree up and really make the steel tub pop, I added some gorgeous Glitter Poinsettias and tucked the tablecloth around the ugly green foil flower pots.

I LOVE how pretty the steel tub looks.  It coordinates beautifully, is a breeze to clean around, makes the tree much taller, and it is sturdy enough to take the abuse of my children and dogs.  That’s a holiday win if you ask me.

I hope you give this super easy galvanized steel tub Christmas tree stand a try.  Happy holiday decorating!

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