Hanging Herb Ball Tutorial Cover

Hanging Herb Ball Tutorial

If you have checked out Pinterest lately, you may have seen those gorgeous, drool worthy hanging succulent balls.  If not, log in, check them out, and wipe your chin like I did.  Ever since I saw that particular pin, I have been coveting a hanging ball of my own (not the hairy kind).  However, instead of succulents, I thought it would be sweet and delicious to have a herb ball hanging right beside my BBQ.  It will make adding herbs to my grilling concoctions super easy and more likely, since the herbs will literally be staring me in the face.  Take that Spacey Stacy!

To create this hanging basket you will need the following supplies:

  • 2 Hanging baskets with coco liners
  • Herbs of choice
  • Nasturtium seeds
  • Soil
  • Utility knife or sharp steak knife
  • Wire cutters
  • Floral wire
  • Sharpie

Begin by using a sharpie to mark the position of your first cut out.  Hold the coco liner firmly and use a utility knife to cut out a space large enough to accommodate your plant, but not so large it will fall out of the hole.  Use the first piece of liner you cut as a pattern for the remaining holes.  Make sure the cut outs are spaced between the basket’s wire frame before you starting cutting.  In addition to the plant holes, I also cut out a few tiny gaps for the nasturtium seeds to come.  Repeat for the second coco liner.

To add the herbs, loosely grip the plant in your hand and thread it through the liner’s opening.  After the herbs are in place, tuck soil around the root balls and fill it to the top of the container.  Do the same thing for the top half of the ball.

Using a wire cutter, snip off pieces of floral wire that are 8-10 inches long.  Make enough to wire each joint on the basket.  Place a sturdy piece of cardboard on top of the basket that will be the upper half of the herb ball.  Use your hand to hold the cardboard in place and flip it over on top of the bottom of the herb ball.  Before you slide the cardboard out, wrap wire around 2 or 3 joints to keep the baskets in place, then gently pull the cardboard out from between the two halves.  Continue adding wire until each joint is secure.

Before I hang this baby, nasturtium seeds were pushed into the small holes.  This will add gorgeous color to the ball and the flowers are quite peppery and tasty in a salad.  Lastly, a watering hole is added to the top of the basket to make watering a breeze.

Gather up the hanging chains, position them all correctly, and hang that beautiful ball on a sturdy hook.

Once the herb ball is hung, you can still add plants quite easily.  Take a sharp knife and plunge it into the coco liner with a stabbing motion.  It sounds brutal, but its the only way to get it through the liner cleanly.  Be sure to hold the ball in place as you do this.  Carefully cut out a half-moon shape with the knife, and then tuck the liner into the container, leaving a space for your new plant.

Ball up the root system of the plant you are adding as tightly as possible and squeeze it into its new home.  Repeat for remaining herbs, being sure to leave growing space between the plants so they have room to fill out.

There you have it, a handsome hanging herb ball ready for backyard BBQ’s, salsa, and minty lemonade.  Plant one up yourself and let me know how it works.  Happy herb balling!

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