Haunt Your Ceiling With Mosquito Netting Min

Haunt Your Ceiling With Mosquito Netting

The walls of my haunted house have been papered, and now I turn my attention to the ceilings.  Decorating your ceilings turns an ordinary Halloween haunted house, into a show stopper.  Sure, guests love my walls, but the first thing they always comment on is the ceilings.  Anyone can slap a sign on a wall, it takes real dedication to haul out the ladder and decorate the ceiling.  Not only does it look great, but it also gives your home that extra spooky vibe you don’t see in many home haunts.

I have decorated my ceilings a number of different ways in years past.  The first few, I sufficed with a gigantic spider from the Halloween store.  Another year, I had a giant bat from Costco, which had creepy red LED eyes that lit up, but he didn’t offer much ceiling coverage.  The next few years, I took it up a notch and draped black and purple tulle from the ceiling.  It looked great during the day, but at night, during the Halloween party and trick or treating, the tulle was too sheer to really notice.  Since that didn’t work as planned, I followed that up with a complete black out, by stapling rolls of black plastic tablecloth to the expanse.  It definitely set a dark and scary mood and worked quite well.

For Halloween 2015, in an effort to keep my haunt fresh, I am once again changing it up with white mosquito netting.  Mosquito netting is inexpensive, durable, and looks better and better the rattier and more torn it becomes, making it one of my all time favorite materials to use for Halloween decorating.  Usually, I drape it across tables and shelves for a spooky effect, this will be the first time using it as a ceiling cover.

Some time ago, I had procured a canopy like the one below, since it was just collecting dust in the closet, it was time to put it to good use.  If you can’t score a canopy like this one, head to your local fabric store and by it by the yard or head to a home store and but curtain panels of netting.  Better yet, go to Amazon and have it shipped directly to you.  Woot!

After cutting the sections of fabric apart, I used sharp scissors to tear random sized holes all over the fabric.  Then, I quickly ran all the edges of the fabric through the scissors to give them a used, tattered look.

With my trusty stapler, I loosely stapled the sheets of netting to the ceiling beginning in one corner and making my way across the room.  For the next row, I staggered the fabric by beginning with the middle piece and working my way towards the sides.  The canopy ended up being the perfect amount of fabric to cover the entire living room ceiling which is about 13′ x 18′.

It turned out hauntingly perfect!  Now I have to decide whether I will continue the mosquito netting into the dining room or, if I will do something else entirely.  Ah, sweet Halloween decisions.  Now that the bones of the haunted house are ready, its time to start the fun part.  Hauling out all the stuff.  Be sure to check back next week to see the big reveal of my spooky mantel and creeptastic kitchen.  Happy haunting!




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