hello FALL Mantel

Hello Fall

Oh, how I love this magical season called Fall.  The dewy, crisp morning air creeps into my veins and causes them to tingle with an electricity like no other time of year.  It fills me with an intense desire to move outside and enjoy the fading warmth of the sun, that I will rarely see in the long, grey months ahead of me.  I walk my puttering pups, and wax poetic as I absorb the sights around me.  The river valley is aglow in vivid oranges, reds, and yellows, causing the forest that hugs the river to appear as though it’s on fire.  Squealing children, in trendy new clothes, wait for their yellow bus to carry them safely to school and the promise of a bright future.  The enticing scent of pumpkin spice seems to fill the air.  And, my favorite part, the tangled garden is over flowing with string beans to be picked, plump pumpkins to be harvested, and pretty flowers begging to be turned onto a beauteous bouquets.  Hello Fall!

I felt it appropriate to display some of Fall’s magic and beauty on my mantel, before I drag out the heavy Halloween bins and a much creepier sight greets us each day.

Squash truly runneth over in my garden this year, making it an easy choice as the star of this show.  A fat zucchini, a beige butternut squash, an acorn squash, a spaghetti squash, and white pumpkins keep the pallet neutral and soft.

A thick burlap ribbon draped across the mantel and pinecones tucked among the squash continues the natural looking autumn theme.

This gigantic sunflower was begging to be put on display, and adds interesting texture to the vignette.

Candle sticks, which were once ugly, peeling black ones I stumbled upon at Goodwill, have been given new life with a light sanding and a fresh coat of white spray paint.  They were each topped off with a foam dollar store squash that I carved a hole into the top of and inserted a cream candle into.

It still needed something, so, during a stressful Seahawks game this past Sunday, I spray painted some pinecones white, hot glued white paper clips and a twine bow on each cone, and then hung on a simple white ribbon.

Some faux burlap sunflowers, again from el dollar storo, were placed in a white vase, ‘hello FALL’ was written on a chalkboard, and the sign hung on the pallet wall mount.  Fall mantel complete.

May the magic of Fall fill your home and your soul this season.  Happy Fall Ya’ll!



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