Hello From The Elf Noel

Hello From The Elf Noel

Tickets for Adele’s next concert tour went on sale yesterday at 10am and in a few brief minutes, they were sold out.  Noel tried her hardest to be one of the lucky few thousand.  She was at her computer, coffee by her side, with her mouse hovering over the ‘buy ticket’ button at the exact moment tickets were made available.  Alas, no matter how many times she hit refresh, no matter how many ticket and price combinations she tried, the freaking website kept responding, “No tickets match your search.”

WTF!  NOOOOOO!!   This can’t be happening.  FML!  WHHAAA!!

Tears poured down Noel’s chapped little cheeks.  She grabbed her Beats, turned on some Adele, and sat down to write her own version of ‘Hello’ to console herself.  Her new lyrics can be found below.  It works best if you play Adele’s video at the bottom of the post and sing along.


Hello, it’s me

I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet

To let me hear you sing

They say tickets can be bought online

But I ain’t done much buying

Hello, can you help me?

I’m just sitting here thinking about how we could still meet

Now that I’m older and free

I’ve got to see you in the flesh and bow down at your feet

There is no difference between us

Except for your money


Hello from the elf Noel

I must have clicked a thousand times

To buy me some tickets and attend your next show

But when I refresh it responds no tickets match search

Hello from the elf Noel

At least I can say that I’ve tried

To buy me some tickets and hear you sing live

But it don’t matter it clearly wasn’t meant to transpire whatever

Hello, tickets sold out

It’s so typical of me to moan but I am really depressed

I’m going to enter a contest

On the radio so maybe I can win a couple tickets

It’s no secret, I am desperate

And running out of time




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