Hi You!

Welcome to my first blog post evah!  I am super excited to begin this new adventure, and I am even more excited to have you along for the ride.

Grab your coffee, or beverage of choice, and buckle up, because we are going to laugh, craft, dig in the dirt, play with power tools, and let our creativity take us where ever it desires.  So stick around, and come get inspired by Stacy.

8 thoughts on “Hi You!

  1. I’m so excited you are sharing your gift of creativity with the world! Your words, witt and adventures will be loved and appreciated by many!! Congrats on your new adventure!!

  2. Your take on the Elf on a Shelf is deliciously irreverent and so well thought out…talk about setting the bar high! Thanks for setting up this blog. I eagerly anticipate Noel’s next move, so wickedly narrated by you. Kudos to you, chica…brava!!

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