How To Clean and Reuse Intex Pool Filters

How To Clean & Reuse Intex Pool Filters

Owners of an above ground Intex Easy Set Pool or, an Intex Ultra Frame Swimming Pool, should be familiar with disposable pool filters and the importance of changing filters regularly to keep the pool water clean and sanitary (if not, this is your wake up call).  My swimming pool gets a lot of action, and if yours does, then you have seen how sunblock coated little bodies with grassy feet can EASILY dirty up a filter in a week’s time.  Not to mention how difficult it can be to find Intex filters on store shelves once August hits, because summer inventory is being cleared for Halloween (I saw it for myself this weekend and couldn’t believe it).  One filter a week, at $5 each, for 16 weeks of swimming will run you about $80.  Plus, the cost of the water to fill the pool, as well as the chlorine and ph balancers which will easily run you another cool $100 over the course of the season.  Above ground pools aren’t cheap and, as a cheap ass, I am always looking for a way to save a buck.  Cleaning and reusing my pool filters is one way I save money, save time by not shopping for filters, and save another item from being needlessly thrown into the landfill.  It’s super easy, super cheap, and it’s my super secret.  You ready…

The secret is Oxi Clean, my most favorite cleaning product in the whole world.  Here is how easy it is:

1)  Place half a scoop of Oxi Clean into a clean bucket.  Add hot water to the bucket, as well as your disgusting filter.

2)  Place the bucket outside, away from nosy children and thirsty pets.  To keep the filter submerged, place a heavy object, like a glass dish, on top of the filter.  Allow the filter to soak for 24 hours.

3)  Rinse the filter with cool, clean water.  Take time to open the folds to rinse out any left over debris being held in the creases.

4)  If the filter was extremely filthy, you will need to repeat steps 1 – 3.  If the filter was moderately dirty, one soaking will be enough.  After it is rinsed clean, allow it to dry in the sun.

Your filter is now sparkly clean and ready to be used again.  $5 saved!  You’re welcome.


14 thoughts on “How To Clean & Reuse Intex Pool Filters

  1. Great tip #inspiredbystacy! I never thought to use that “miracle worker” oxi clean for this! I think it would work for my hot tub filter too! . . . Now to get that operational 🙂

  2. I put mine in the washing machine with my pool towels comes out sparkling clean. I buy 2 at the beginning of summer and just wash and reuse all summer.

  3. I put mine in the washing machine. Never used oxi-clean before. They are a little beat up after the spin cycle, but still work.

  4. If you have an expensive filter, this is a great idea. But for a cheap filter, Intex Filter A as an example ($3), I wouldn’t waste my time.

  5. Wow, this was just what I wanted to here cause you are right the filters are not to be found! Can’t wait to use the three b’s!

  6. I have also cut pantyhose and slipped over filter,,,,the pantyhose catches all the goo and I just toss it in trash,,,,,,,and make another ….been doing this for years,,,

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