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When my soon to be 10-year-old first announced he wanted ‘sharks’ as his birthday theme, my first thought was, “Sweet!”  After all, sharks are every where these days.  There is Shark Week, Sharknado, shark shirts, shark swimsuits, shark rafts, shark shoes, shark sheets, shark pillows, shark towels, and even shark underwear.  However, when I went out hunting for shark party decor, I came up empty-handed.  Not a single shark plate, cup, napkin, balloon, cutout, necklace, or party favor was to be found.  I was in deep water people, because I had promised baby boy sharks and baby boy was going to get sharks come hell or high water.  This Land Shark DIY is the first JAWSOME party decoration I pumped out for his birthday.  These fins are easy, quick, cheap, and will add a sinister touch to any shark party, Luau, mermaid party, or beach themed event.

These cutouts could easily be made with cardboard and scissors, but I chose plywood for one major reason, WATER.  There was no doubt these decorations would be getting wet from both the elements and the sprinkler, and I wanted them to hold up for a good week outside and still be reusable at a future party.  Let’s get started.



Sheet of 1/2 or 1/4 inch plywood


Paint Sticks

Small screws


Shark Fin Pattern



Print and cut out the shark fin pattern I have provided below.

Next, trace the pattern onto the plywood (or cardboard).   Don’t worry about making each fin exactly the same, in fact, different is better because no 2 shark fins are alike.

Use the jigsaw to cut out each fin.  Add a notch or 2 on each fin to give it a tough, rugged look.

Paint the shark fins on both sides using grey latex paint.

Cut a paint stick in half and paint it grey.  Allow everything to dry overnight.

Gently tap the stake into the ground with a hammer and use a screw to attach the fin to the stake.

Place the fins around your yard, add a ‘Beware of Land Sharks’ sign, and you have some totally JAWSOME party decorations!

You can also skip the stakes, by simply propping your fins up in pots, or around plants in your yard.

Stay tuned for more JAWSOME party ideas coming next week.  Happy decorating!


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