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JAWSOME Party Favor ~ Shark Tooth Necklaces

This JAWSOME party favor was my solution to a lack of quality, creative, inexpensive shark themed paraphernalia.  This one is all three and will cost you about $8 for 12 gifts.  Some items can be found at home, others need to be purchased, but the whole package will take mere minutes to put together and your party guests are sure to love them.


Zip lock sandwich baggies


Shark Tooth Necklaces ~ I found these on Amazon.com being sold by the dozen for $6.37  (No I am not being paid to endorse this product or company, just sharing a good find).


“Thanks for coming, Chum!” Free Printable ~ Save the image to your desktop and print the thank you notes at home or, have them done for cheap at a local print shop like I did.



Pop a necklace into each bag.   Cut out the thank you notes and fold them over at the bottom edge of the dark blue wave.  Staple the note at each side to the top of the party bag.  Place the favors in a cute blue bowl and put them by the door so you remember to hand them out to your guests as they leave.  I added a hand painted shark sign, a necklace, and some little shark toys to complete the display.

Our party guests tore into the necklaces and my son has been wearing his for a week straight now.  He also insists his boxer pup wear one as well and, I have to admit, she looks pretty spiffy.

Thanks for coming checking out my JAWSOME party favor idea, Chum!


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