Halloween Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen Turned Chop Shop For Halloween

THREE DAYS UNTIL HALLOWEEN!  Yes, I am shouting at you because I am so freaking excited.  I love, love, love Halloween and one of the things I most look forward to is giving friends and family a tour of my haunted abode.  Hours of work have gone into this place over the last 7 weeks and its a thrill to be able to share it with the people I cherish.  Now, with my blog, I can share it with the whole world or, at least the 12 subscribes who read my blog.  (Thank you faithful readers!)  Today, I will share my kitchen turned chop shop as I prepare to scare the crap out of the children who dare enter my domain this Halloween.

With limbs hanging from the ceiling, a foot on a working rotisserie, red lights, and bottles full of potions and bones, this kitchen will haunt a small child’s dreams.

Of course, there has to be something interesting to look at while I wash dishes, and a gory display of blood drenched gloves, packaged organs, dentures, and a shrunken head do a bloody good job.

The countertops are filled with mini orange pumpkins, squash, bloody knives, a ghastly menu board no one would order from, and a burnt skull and hand.  The skull and hand were made years ago with toilet paper rolls, gorilla glue, paper towels, and paint.  They are water proof, durable, and really bring the gross factor to the party.

A variety of bats, (some wall stickers, some cut from paper stock) were taped to the wall and made to look as though they are flying up and out of the kitchen skylight.  In the evening, with the red light shining on them, they cast wonderfully spooky shadows all across the ceiling.

The “Carpe Noctem” sign, which means “Seize The Night”, was hand painted onto a piece of packing foam and cost nothing to make.  It definitely works next to the shrunken heads, skull, and bloody foot.

The Chop Shop show stopper though, has to be this gnarly looking dude having his brains gnawed out by a gigantic rat.  He sits atop a PVC frame I cut out and put together, covered with an old t-shirt, stuffed with plastic grocery bags, and doused in ketchup.  He is absolutely hideous and the first thing people see when they walk in my front door.  The gasps and EWWWs I have received thus far are well worth the effort I put into him.

This grody Chop Shop is ready for Trick or Treaters.  The question is, will the children make it back out alive?  Muhahahaha!

Happy Halloween hijinks!



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