DIY Gift Idea Lavender Sugar Hand Scrub

Lavender Sugar Hand Scrub

This simple DIY gift idea has been my go to quick gift this year for all those times when I need a little something to give someone special.  Thus far, I have used it as a hostess gift, 7 teachers’ gifts, 3 bus driver gifts, 2 birthday gifts, a gardening gal gift, and as a ‘cheer-up’ gift for a friend who was feeling down.  This scrub is a power horse!  Not only does it smell absolutely divine, but the sugar scrubs all the dirt, skin, and yuck from your hands, while the Dawn soap nourishes and smooths your skin.  FYI, I am not being paid to say this.  I just LOVE this scrub and keep a jar of it in my own shower.  It only requires a trip to the grocery store and 5 minutes of your time to put together.

All you need is:  Sugar, Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay, 100% Pure Lavender Oil, Mason Jars & Lids.

To make the sugar scrub fill the mason jar with sugar, 3/4 of the way up to the bottom rim.  Add Dawn hand soap the remaining 1/4 of the way, leaving 1/4 inch head space so you have room to stir.  Depending on the size of the mason jar, and your scent preference, add 5-10 drops of lavender oil.  Mix the soap, sugar, and lavender oil together with a spoon.  As the mixture comes together, the level of the scrub will drop in the jar, add more sugar to once again fill the jar to the bottom rim and stir.

At this point, the scrub is ready for a lid, however, you could dye it a lavender color by using a traditional food coloring kit.  I chose to leave it as is because it’s my belief we already ingest enough dye from everyday products, so why add more.  Keep it simple, keep it healthy.

Use your lids and rims as is, or add a little flair with a shot of spray paint.  My lids were mismatched and gently used, so I went the painting route to give them a freshening up.  After they dry, screw them onto the mason jars.  Adorbs!

Attach a card or, use the free Lavender Sugar Hand Scrub label I have made for you here.

Print it out, cut it out, punch a hole, and tie it to the mason jar with a piece of twine or ribbon.

Make 1, make 2, or make 12 and keep them on hand for all those last minute gift giving moments.  Here is to the gift of clean, smooth, wonderful smelling hands.  Cheers!

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  1. You’ve done it again!
    I love how you spray painted the lids. SO SIMPLE so perfect. . . . Now off to gather the ingredients.

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