Like Bacteria, Our Friendship Grows Every Day!

My son is a budding scientist, and this year he had his sweet little heart set on giving his classmates “something sciency” for Valentine’s Day.  His words, not mine.  We came up high and dry everywhere we looked, only super heroes, Frozen princess, and other random crap were to be found. Time to hit the DIY lab to come up with something clever for my little feller.

While rummaging through his closet, I struck pay dirt!  A whole sleeve of brand new petri dishes I had ordered him off of Amazon last Christmas.  The petri dishes would make the perfect container for his science themed Valentines.  Petri dishes are easy to find online, not so easy to find in stores, and will run you anywhere between $5 – $10 for about 25 petri dishes.

All you will need to complete this project is the petri dishes, candy to fill the dishes, scotch tape, and mailing labels.

Sweet and sour candy hearts are my sons favorite V-day candy, but you can fill yours with anything you please.  At first, we were going to put frosting on the bottom of the petri dish and make a heart design out of the candy by sticking it to the frosting.  However, my little man quickly shut that idea down because it was going to take way to long and he had games to play.  In the spirit of keeping this fun for him, I went along with his change in plans.

While he filled the dishes, I did the taping.  It went pretty quickly and he only complained once, which is success in this mom’s book.

After the petri dishes were filled, I made the labels.  The labels I used were Avery Easy Peel Mailing Labels 5160.  I went to and used one their free templates for address labels.  They had a wide variety to choose from, and we settled on the hearts for V-day. Instead of entering in an address, I simply entered the saying, “Like Bacteria, Our Friendship Grows Every Day!”   Just a little something goofy I came up with on the spur of the moment.

Print the labels out, stick them on the petri dishes and you have yourself one unique, tasty, ‘sciency’ Valentine.  I can’t wait to hear what his friends thought of his Valentine.

One last note, this Valentine is dedicated to my sister-in-law, who recently shared how much she just LOVES to make homemade Valentine’s with her adorable sons.   Not really, she hates it, but I do love to tease her.

Are you handing out any Valentine’s this weekend?

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