Boy's Bedroom Makeover Day 2

Little Man’s Bedroom Makeover Day 2

For Day 2 of my son’s bedroom makeover, we are revealing his paint color choice.  Yup, you read that right.  I let him choose his own color all by himself.  Crazy?  Maybe, but there is a reason behind my madness and it all goes back to my childhood (doesn’t everything?).  Growing up, my brave parents would let me choose whatever crazy paint color I wanted.  Whether it be dark forest green, black, purple paisleys on the ceiling, or polka dots and triangles on the walls, my dad would just chuckle, shake his head, and get out his paint rollers.  Granting me this control gave me pride of ownership over my space, allowed me to express my teenage self in a safe creative manner, taught me how to paint a room, and empowered me to learn how to make my own DIY decisions at a young age.  Did I make bad paint decisions?  Of course!  Did my dad have to paint, repaint, and again repaint my dark green walls?  He sure did.  Did I learn from that mistake?  Hell ya!  And I still remember those decisions and mistakes every single time I step up to the paint counter.  I like to think the acquisition of this wisdom at an early age, has saved me money in ugly paint choices and hours of hard work repainting a bad color.  Thanks, Mom & Dad, the original DIY’ers!

As for my boy, Keegan, he chose his favorite color of the hour, a vivid, lime, yellow, chartreuse color that made ME think of diarrhea, but made him think of “happy sunshine”.  I kept my comment to myself, and proudly watched as he stepped up to the paint counter to place his first order.  The man behind the counter gave out a low whistle and said, “That’s some paint color, young man.”  Keeg lifted his chin and smiled as he replied, “I got to choose it all by myself.”  And THIS is what he choose…  Citronette.

Keegan’s space was last painted when the room was an office and he wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye.  As my second born child, I never even got around to painting a nursery for him, let alone a big boy room.  (Meanwhile, his first born sister is on paint color #3, not to mention, the frog pond mural I spent hours painting on her nursery wall).   It was definitely time to show my guy and his dirty, hole filled bedroom walls a little love.  Here are a few shots of the place before we got started.

His bedroom window had been replaced a few years ago, but we never did get around to sanding and texturing the wall, so that had to be taken care of.  The door knob had made a hole in the wall, due to lack of a doorstop, which meant that had to be patched, sanded, and textured as well.

His faux oak closet door needed an overhaul and the bedroom door was disgusting.  It was covered with grubby finger prints and permanent red marker due to some handy work by Keeger’s as a toddler.  The trim was also all scuffed and dented from years of abuse.

The first coat started to go on and I gotta say, I was still very nervous.   I kept my fingers crossed, let it dry, and applied a second coat.

The results were surprising and quite nice.  The color was exactly what he wanted and it looks sophisticated, yet bright and fun.

The doors and trim looks a 100 times better and the hole in the wall is no more.

I even gave all the outlet covers and heater vent a bath in the dishwasher’s top rack.  They came out whiter and cleaner than ever.

Every time I walk by his room, my love for Citronette grows, as has Keegan’s pride in his room.  So far, he has been keeping it clean, organized, and loves to show it off to every person who visits.  May this inspire you to trust your child’s instincts and let THEM choose the color for their own personal space.  Happy painting!

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