LOVE Letters

Awww, sweet Valentine’s Day approaches.  The holiday of love, sappy cards, chocolate, grocery store flowers, balloons, and blow jobs.  Come on, you know that’s all the guys really want ladies.  In the spirit of spreading the love across my community, I am building some LOVE letters to brighten my winter garden bed and greet passersby.

In the scrap wood pile, I found this plywood left over from our poor white trash hot tub project.  They were tall, skinny, and the perfect size for what I had in mind.  Of course, you can make your own letters as small or, as large, as you please.  First, I evened out the scrap wood by cutting each board to a length of 3 feet with my jig saw.

Next up, I made a rough sketch of the letters L O V E.  If you prefer, you can use a template or, a ruler, to measure out perfect letter lines, but I like the crafty, homemade style of uneven lines.  With that being said, I did take the time to mark the center point for the letter O and V so they didn’t come out too off kilter.

Secure your wood to a table using sturdy clamps.  As you cut each letter out, take the time to move the clamps around to keep the board secured to the table.  This will give you a straighter cut line and will keep you safe.

To cut the center out of the letter O, first drill a hole with a 1/2 inch paddle bit or drill bit.  This gives you a place to plunge your jig saw into for the first cut.

Here are the letters all cut and ready to go.

Out came the red spray paint and I started applying the first coat, which is when my OCD tendencies decided to rear their ugly heads.  Suddenly, the letter O was bugging the crap out of me.  It was way too block like and I knew that if I didn’t fix it now, I never would, and thus, would never be satisfied with this project.  Don’t worry, I already know I am a freak.

So, I took the skill saw back out of the cabinet.   Dammit, I had just cleaned up!  Oh well, it must be done.  I added a curve to both sides of the letter O and it looked a little better, but I still wasn’t satisfied.   Since it was already sticking out to me, I decided to make it appear purposeful by painting it a fun pink color.

Satiated, I moved on to wrapping this project up.  A second coat was applied and allowed to dry overnight.   The next morning, the letters were flipped over and given a quick coat of paint to the back.  I also painted the stakes I will be using to anchor the letters in the garden bed.  It’s a small finishing touch that will give the letters a much cleaner look from the back.

The stakes were hammered into the ground and secured to the back of each letter using wood screws.

To finish off the LOVE letters I added a bag of compost and some pretty pink primroses.  Check out my DIY Quick Tip to see how I quickly planted the flowers for display.   I am super happy with how cute the letters turned out.  It’s fun to have a little something in my garden bed since not much is in bloom this time of year.  Plus, it’s always good to spread the love.

What are you doing to spread the love this Valentine’s Day?

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