When I saw this happenin’ hipster hashtag at Ross I just HAD to have it because it reminded me of someone on my freebie list.  #gottahaveit  #dressforless   (Freebie list = A short list of celebrities you are free to fornicate with if you get the chance, with no harm and no foul done to your marriage).  #freebie

You see, I have a ‘thing’ for Justin Timberlake.  #JT  He’s not what I typically go for in the looks department, but the man can sing, he writes, he is hysterical, charming, and freak can he dance.  #hotness #dancewithme  When he combines them all together, like he did with Jimmy Fallon in this hashtag skit from SNL, it’s almost too much for me to handle.  #ladyboner  #ineedashower

After watching the skit about 20 times, my kids and I now have a running hashtag skit of our own.  #lovemykids  #youhadtobethere  I have also turned them into die-hard JT fans like their Mama.  #fansforlife  #justlikemom  With all these wonderful associations, you can see why the hashtag had to come home with me and why it inspired my May mantel.  #inspiration  #newtoy

Of course, the hashtag was placed in the spot of honor right in the middle of the mantel, where all our guests could feel its cool LED glow and ask about its significance.   #fireplace  #palletwallmount   When my husband arrived home from work that evening, he asked me why I had a ‘number sign’ above the fireplace.  #seriously  #getwiththetimes   #lol    Which gave me the perfect excuse to watch one of my favorite skits for the twenty-first time.  #perfectexcuse  #nowhegetsit

The rest of the mantel is an ode to spring with fresh blooms, fake flowers, candles, greens, yellows, and accents of silver and white.  #springcolors   Everything you see, besides the #, are items I already owned and pulled from different areas of the house or, out of the closet.  #rearrange  #keepitfresh    You may recognize the faux hydrangeas from my St. Patrick’s Day décor, or the candles from my winter mantel.  #usewhatyouhave   Changing out your decorations doesn’t have to cost lots of money each month, it only takes a little creativity and imagination to pair items together in a new way for a fresh look and feel.  #getcreative  #nomoneyrequired

For example, to give my faux silver candlesticks a new look, I took some decorative floral wire from the craft box, hot glued it to the hurricane, and changed out the candle.  #hotgluerocks   It went from winter pretty, to sweet spring, in under 5 minutes.   #quickfix   For the tutorial, check out my Candlestick Makeover DIY Quick Tip.  #DIYQuickTip

The beautiful snowball flowers were cut from the overflowing viburnum bush in my backyard and they look perfect in the little yellow vase from Easter.  #chinesesnowballbush  #amazingblooms

The bird’s nest is also an Easter leftover, the small succulents came from a shelf above the piano, and the cool looking lotus seed pods were from a bridal flower shopping expedition I took with a friend a couple of years ago.  #leftovers  #memories

Put it all together and it adds up to a lovely May mantel that makes me smile every time I walk by it.  #smilemore  #makesmehappy

Now go out there and find a piece that makes you smile, or better yet laugh, and use it to inspire a May mantel for your home.  #inspirationpiece  #laugh  Happy mantel decorating!   #springdecorating  #thisisthelasthashtag

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