Noel Is Escorted From School Property

Noel Is Escorted From School Property

As part of her community service for an error in judgment that occurred this past summer, Santa has sentenced Noel to volunteer at the local middle school’s student store while she is visiting her assigned family.

At first lunch, thing went really well.  She sold 16 Holiday Gram’s, chips, popcorn, lots of fruit snacks and did it all with a smile on her face.  However, by second lunch, things had slowed waaaay down and were getting down right boring.  Well, Noel doesn’t do boring.  As soon as her supervisor’s back was turned, that naughty little pixie took off.

Apparently, she snapped a few bathroom selfies with her squad, chatted up some boys by the MPR, and laughed it up in the breezeway with some new friends she had made while waiting in line for pizza.  Just when she thought things couldn’t get any better, she saw it.  The fire alarm.  That little square red and white lever we have all seen on the wall, and wanted to pull.  The switch that would call teachers, students, administrators, firefighters, and police.  The clanging alarm that, urban legend had it, would squirt ink all over the guilty party when pulled.  She had always wondered if the rumor was true.  Haven’t we all?  Noel couldn’t help herself, she had to find out.  She had to pull it!

Nonchalantly, she walked over to the cold brick wall, quietly climbed a perfectly placed shelf, and slowly reached for the fire alarm.  Just as she was about to pull it, she felt the cold, firm hand of the school principal on her shoulder.

He angrily asked, “What do you think you’re doing, Missy?”

“Shit,” she whispered under her breath.

After that, school protocol was followed.   Noel’s phone was confiscated, her volunteer badge was returned to the front office, and she was escorted from school property.

Just another day in the life of Noel The Inappropriate Elf On The Shelf.

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