Noel Takes A Drug Test

Noel has certainly enjoyed her time here in Washington this holiday season.  Mainly because the new recreational marijuana laws have made a huge difference in her holiday spirit and, have eased her glaucoma.  (She is a 173 years old people.)

Unfortunately, Santa still has a ‘Zero Drug Tolerance’ policy at the North Pole.  Little does he know, that Mrs. Claus, and a few other green friendly elves, secretly smoke it every day when Santa goes to the Toy Shop for work.  But, what Santa doesn’t know… doesn’t hurt him.

With this in mind, Noel thought it would be a good idea to take an at home test before she submits her cup to Santa the day after Christmas.

Noel Tries To Pass A Drug Test

Unfortunately, she didn’t pass.  Time to drink a whoooooole lotta water in the next 3 days, Noel.   Good luck, sista!

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