Noel Teaches The Little Shits A Lesson

Noel could not believe what she heard from the mouths of the children this morning.

They whined, “We each only have 4 presents under the Christmas tree?  Really?!  That’s all we are getting?”

She couldn’t believe how selfish the little bastards sounded.

She heard their mother respond, “Really kids?  What if the 4 presents under the tree were amazing?  Like a laptop, a new scooter, an ipod shuffle, and the Skylanders game you have been begging for?  Would you be happy then?  Would it be enough?”

“No,” they greedily responded.  “We like lots of presents under the tree.”

Why are they acting so selfish?  Why do they feel so entitled?  What have their parents done wrong?

Well, Noel wants to teach those little shits a lesson.  She has the absolute perfect present to leave them on Christmas morning.

Noel Gives Shit

Enjoy the dog shit, ya filthy animals!  Merry Christmas and good night!

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