Noel Breaks The Internet

As I continued to giggle over the success of last night’s Elf on the Shelf, I felt inspired.  That annoying pain in my backside had actually put a smile on my face.

What if I made her inappropriate every night and shared her exploits with my friends and family?  Would she put a smile on their faces as well?  Would she bring back some of that Christmas magic and fun to the scrooge adults of the world?

I decided to try, but first I had to come up with another inappropriate idea.  For some odd reason, the Kardashians immediately popped into my head.  That family takes inappropriate to a whole new level, so I let them be my guide.

Noel put on her best pearls, donned her satin gloves, and struck her best Kim K. pose for the camera.

Break the internet Noel!

2 noel

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