Noel Comes In Like a Wrecking Ball

This evening’s Noel photo was inspired by none other than the former Miss Disney Princess herself, Miley Cyrus.  Actually, it was really inspired by my daughter’s favorite Miley Cyrus parody by Bart Baker, but I digress.

Whether you love Miley, or can’t stand her, the girl knows how to get people talking.  One day, Noel hopes to learn how to captivate an audience as well as Miley does.

For this shoot, Noel had to pull her whitest wife beater tank top and her cleanest pair of tighty whities out of her drawer.  Then, she grabbed that chain, licked it Miley style, and came in like a wrecking ball!

Noel The Inappropriate Elf On The Shelf Came In LIke A Wrecking Ball

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