Noel's Flood Report

Noel’s Snoqualmie Valley Flood Report

This is Noel coming to you from a very wet, very windy Snoqualmie Valley.  Don’t make unnecessary journeys!  Don’t take risks and treacherous roads!   And don’t drive into the river!  Incredibly, people have been spotted in the water, both today and yesterday.  The City Council says their actions are IDIOTIC.  Not only are they putting their lives in danger, but it is unacceptable and unforgivable to put the lives of people in the rescue services in danger as well.  Don’t do it!  This is Noel, reporting live, from the rising flood waters of the Snoqualmie Valley.

This has been Noel, doing her best to report as enthusiastically as Irelands national treasure, Teresa Mannion, of the RTE.  If you don’t know what Noel is referring to, click here.

Stay dry!

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