Noel's Tampax Peppermint

Noel’s Solution For Holiday Menstruation

You may be menstruating this Christmas, but you don’t have to smell like it!

Instead of giving off the odor of tuna casserole, try inserting a Tampax Peppermint into your vag, and give off the scent of Christmas.  The unique built-in candy cane melts as you bleed, leaving your bloody gash sticky sweet and smelling minty fresh.  If you give these tampons a try, Noel promises you’ll never go back to those boring, old, scentless cotton tamps again.

Tampax Peppermint would make a thoughtful gift for your mom, your sister, your bestie, your daughter, even your teacher. Noel assures you, any lady lucky enough to receive these peppermint plugs will be pleased as punch.

Tampax Peppermint comes in a variety of sizes including; extra small for good girls and double jumbo for that special slut in your life.

Give a box of Tampax Peppermint a try today!

*** Patent Pending***


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