Pallet Garden at Christmas

A couple years ago, I built this sweet little pallet garden for my back deck.  During the spring and summer, the pallet looks beautiful and lush.  During the fall and winter, not so much.

Everyday, I walk by my patio doors and see this ugly brown monster with dead plants and vines just squatting there, like an uninvited yeast infection.

pallet ugly

My slight case of OCD was quickly ratcheting up every time I passed the paw smudged window, and I had to take action. Time to dress this baby up for the holidays!

Keep in mind, I have about $2.43 to my name, so I had to do this on the cheap and I wanted it to be a quick fix.

First, I went outside and cut down a few evergreen branches that were hanging over the driveway and scratching up my beloved truck.  This is what I call a DIY Two Birds With One Stone.  I get greens for decorating, and the tree gets a quick necessary trim.

Next, I trimmed the branches down to a more manageable size so they would fit snuggly in each section of the pallet.  About 9 – 12 inches long.  This doesn’t have to be perfect because layering the branches will hide any defects.

pallet greens

I wanted the pallet to light up at night, so before I placed the branches in, I strung a line of white Christmas lights throughout the pallet.  Then, the branches were layered to hide the dirt, sleeping bulbs, and light cord.

Lastly, the fun part.  I rummaged through my leftover Christmas decorations and found a few ornaments and trinkets to give the pallet a little pop of color.  You can go fancy here, or simple.  Its up to you.

My Grandma’s old Santa blow mold is a childhood favorite of mine, so I decided to include it in the mix.

Here is the finished product.

Pallet Garden Xmas

Looking at it now, I would have added some pinecones, or maybe a different kind of evergreen, or two, to give the pallet more texture.  For now though, I am happy and there is still lots of other Christmas projects left to go OCD over.

Do any of you have a pallet garden?  How do you keep it beautiful through the seasons?


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