Pallet Wall Mount DIY

Pallet Wall Mount

The 12th Man wreath above my fireplace was looking sad, out of scale, and lonely,  Look at it hanging there all pitiful.  Blech!

It needed something to frame it and really make it pop.  It would also be nice if I could find a way to hide all the holes that were left in the wall by the former TV wall mount.  A wall mount?  Wait!  Inspiration had struck.   I have been drooling over all the creative projects made from pallets on Pinterest, and I figured a pallet wall mount for my wreath would be perfect.

First, the boards were removed from the pallet, cut to a length of 26 inches each, and were given a light sanding.   The two braces for the back of the wall mount were cut to a length of 24 inches each, and also lightly sanded.

Next, the boards were laid out ugly side up, and the two braces were placed 5 inches in from the side edge.   Using wood screws, secure the braces to the back of the boards using 2 screws per board.  BE CAREFUL!  The first screws I used were too long and went right through to the front of the mount.  AHH!  Be sure your screws are short enough so you will not see them when you flip the mount around.

Swivel hangers were used to hang the wall mount.  Measure 3.5 inches from the top of the mount and fasten the swivel hanger with the provided screws.  Make sure you measure the placement of the hangers carefully, so that the wall mount hangs level on the wall.  Flip the mount over and it is ready to be hung.

The rustic look of the wood goes great with the brick fireplace and boy did it make the Seahawks wreath pop.  Can’t wait to find other things to hang on my pallet wall mount.  What will you hang on yours?

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