Red, white, and blue container planting.

Planting Up A Fresh Pot

Spring plant sales to me, are like casinos to a gambler.  The colors, the textures, the ringing of the cash register, the little cardboard boxes ready to hold your new babies, and boy oh boy those hot deals!  It’s almost enough to make this self-proclaimed plant nerd cream her panties.  TMI?!   Get used to it.

The first stop on my 2 week binge of plant gluttony was my son’s school fundraiser, where I walked away with 180 of the sweetest little blue and white annuals.  Yup, you read that right, 180 annuals.  Two days later, I blew a small wad of cash at the local high school’s FFA plant sale on to die for hanging baskets, adorbs begonias, and trendy succulents.  Still not satiated, I followed that up with a quick stop at my local True Value on the way home, for a quick grab of a couple ‘hole fillers’.  Today, I once again succumbed to temptation and indulged my naughty plant obsession at the Senior Center plant sale, where I manage to only spend $9.   This is what plant love looks like…

With all this yumminess staring me in the face, I am more than ready to grab my gloves and plant my first fresh pot of Spring 2015.  Wohoo!  The container I will be using was freshly painted earlier this week and a nice big shovel of compost was added to the pot and mixed in.

All the plants going into this container will be either red, white or blue, to go with the color scheme I have chosen this year.  I find choosing 2 or 3 colors to focus on, helps me make better buying decisions, makes prettier plant combinations, and gives your garden an all over cohesive look.

To begin, I planted the tallest plant, the flashy red tropical canna, right in the middle of the pot.  These 4-6 foot tall bulbs attract lots of attention with their big leaves and showy flowers in the summer and fall.  They are not hardy in all zones, so be sure to check if they need to be dug up and over-wintered in your area.  Believe me, they will be worth the extra trouble.

After the canna was in place, I moved my attention front and center.  Here is where I placed my favorite and/or prettiest plants.  The red Begonia, one of my favorite plants, a white Calibrachoa (aka Million Bells), and Double Cascade Blue Petunia were the three flowers I choose for the spot of honor.  I saw the Double Cascade Petunia in a hanging basket and the flowers were INSANE!  They were so full, ruffled and gorgeous that they looked like a peony or a rose.  I have no doubt this petunia will be a show stopper. The baby plants were nestled an inch apart and an inch away from the pot rim, so that they can spill over the edge as they grow.

In keeping with the color pattern, up next was a red Ivy Geranium, a trailing white Lobelia, and a Super Cascade Blue Petunia.

To mix things up a bit, instead of a red flower, I choose a red leafed plant, Swiss Chard, as the next red in the pattern.  Then good old white Lobelia and Double Cascade Blue Petunia.

One last Ivy Geranium, Lobelia, and Super Cascade Blue Petunia finished off the outer edge.  There were still a few holes in the middle so I popped in another chard, 2 petunias, and lobelia to fill the pot to maximum capacity and gave the plants a nice drink of refreshing water.

Hopefully, as this all grows in, the pot will look lush and overflowing with bedazzling blooms.  All the plants in this patriotic planting are suitable for full sun and/or part shade.  To keep the blooms coming, be sure to fertilize throughout the growing season following your favorite fertilizer’s package directions.  Give this planting a try and snap a pic for the world to see.  Happy container planting!

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