Seashell Wreath Tutorial

Seashell Wreath Tutorial

Visiting the beach is my absolute favorite summertime tradition.  It doesn’t matter if I am on a cold, windy Washington beach, along a sandy river bank in farm country, or basking in the tropical sun rays of Wailea Beach (although I do prefer this location), the beach is my happy place.  This simple seashell wreath is an homage to my love of sand, water, and seashell collecting.  No fancy ribbons, no intricate bows, no expensive accessories required.   All you need is a little sand, glue, a foam wreath, raffia, and seashells to create this one of a kind, beach inspired wreath.  Follow the 7 easy steps below to make one of your own.


12″ Green Foam Wreath

Elmer’s Glue


Small Paint Brush

Sand (Store bought, from a sandbox, or collected from an actual beach)



White Ribbon

Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks


1)  In a small container, mix up 2 – 3 tablespoons of Elmer’s glue with 1 – 2 tablespoons of water.  Liberally apply the glue to the foam wreath with a paintbrush.

2)  Flip the glue side facedown in the sand.  Flip the wreath back over and touch up any bare patches with more glue and sand.  Allow wreath to dry.

3)  Heat up your glue gun and gather a collection of seashells, raffia, and anything else that strikes your fancy to decorate the sandy wreath with.  At first, I was going to add the faux flowers, but it looked too fussy to me, so I decided against it.  If you like the flowers, then go for it!  The end result should make YOU happy, not me.

4)  Place the wreath on a tray to catch any sand that may fall off during decorating process.  Hot glue the raffia to the wreath, small sections at a time.

5)  Arrange the seashells on the wreath.  When you have a layout that you like, hot glue them in place.

6)  Cut a ribbon to 12″ in length, and loop it around the top of the wreath.

7)  Hang the wreath with a tack and then hot glue a seashell over the tack.

There you have it, a sweet, simple reminder of a magical time at the beach for your own home.  Happy treasure hunting!

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