Seattle Seahawk Super Bowl Flower Pots

My quest to makeover my front porch for the Super Bowl continues.  Today, I am tackling (pun intended) the flower pots.  Blue flowers are hard to find this time of year, which meant I had to get creative.  Skittles seemed an obvious replacement for traditional flowers and, of course, I had to bring in blue and green touches and the Seahawk logo.

Blue foil to wrap the flower pots with was found at the dollar store, as well as the Skittles, tinsel, mini goal posts, sticky letters, and fluff.  The green and blue ribbon was leftover from a previous project.  I should mention, I choose foil to wrap the pots because it will hold up in the elements better than wrapping paper.

Grab some scotch tape and wrap the flower pots with foil.  Each of my large pots took one roll of foil  Cut ribbon to length, wrap, and tie it around the flower pot.  Be sure to wrap and tie it tightly so it doesn’t slide down the foil like mine kept doing.

I also have a wire hanging basket by my front door that I wanted to decorate.  The old contents were dumped into the yard waste so I could start fresh.  Cut a big piece of foil and place it inside your empty basket.  Fill the inside of the basket with floral foam.  My basket required two bricks of foam to fill it.

Empty out the Skittle boxes (save these for your Super Bowl party) and hot glue the boxes closed again.  Poke a hole in the middle of the bottom of the box.  Place a dab of hot glue on the tip of the wood skewer and insert it into the hole.  Push the stick all the way up until it touches the top of the box.  Let them dry before sticking them into your flower pots.

Next up, I hot glued wood shims onto the back of some football cut outs I found at the party store.  Originally, I was going to cut my own footballs out of brown construction paper, but when I saw these, I decided to save myself some time.  By all means, make your own if you want.

The footballs were added to the flower pots and the foil was used to hide the wood stakes.  I ended up cutting a few more squares of foil and scrunching them into the pot for better coverage.

A bit of decorative shred was sprinkled into the wire basket for extra fluff.

To my surprise, I found some adorable blue primroses for my pots.  Leave them in their original pots and tuck them into the foil.  Leaving them in their pots will make clean up easier later.

Since the arborvitae in the pot by my front door had died, I needed something to replace it with.  It had to be large and proud and the first thing that came to mind was a bright yellow goal post.

I gathered up some PVC pipe and connectors and cut the pipe using a PVC pipe cutter.  It was super simple to put together and I didn’t even bother glueing it together since this is just a temporary display.  After the pipes were fitted together, the post was given a couple coats of yellow spray paint.  I also painted the mini goal posts I found at the dollar store since they were originally orange.

Once dried, the goal posts were the perfect finishing touch to the pots.   This idea could easily be applied to your favorite team.  Just change out the colors, substitute the Skittles for the team mascot and you can proudly display your team pride.

Who are you rooting for in this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIX?  GO HAWKS!

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