Snowflakes For The January Mantel

Time to get my mantel on for the month of January.  Snowflakes are my current passion, so snowflakes it will be.

Mantle Decorated for Winter

This is a quick and easy DIY, and reuses a couple of the items from the Christmas mantle.  Saving a buck anywhere I can, people!  The wreath was kept, as well as the candlesticks and filling.  However, the candle itself was switched out with this beautiful blue, snowflake candle that I already owned.

Snowflake Mantle Candle Close Up

Next, the mantel cloth was swapped out with a pretty one to match my theme.  Some of you may be wondering why I always cover my mantel with a cloth.  Well, because its downright ugly, boring brick.  It’s one of those projects on my to do list that still needs to be tackled.  In the meantime, a pretty cloth or piece of fabric works great.   A few white feather boas from the dollar store were layered on top of the cloth to give a fluffy, snow like effect.

White Feather Boas for the Winter Mantle

5 white snowflake florist clips, which I found on clearance for super doper cheap, were added to the boas.

Then, came the snowflakes which I wanted to give the illusion of falling snow.  After scrounging around my decoration supplies, I found 3 different types of snowflake ornaments to hang with the fishing line and tacks.

Snowflake Winter Mantle Supplies

Cut a piece of fishing line to your desired length.  Tie a loop onto one end of the fishing line and tie the other end onto one of the snowflakes.  Use a thumbtack to hang it from the ceiling.

photo 2

Vary the levels and the depth of the snowflakes to give it a more realistic look.  I love how the snowflakes sparkle and cast pretty shadows on the wall as the sunlight hits it.

Snowflakes for the January Mantle Angle

This is a very simple, yet pretty mantel.  The best part is that it only cost me $5.10.  Woohoo!  How do you decorate your mantel after Christmas?  Do you use a winter theme?  I would love to hear from you.  Happy winter decorating!

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