Spooky Skulls & Beautiful Bones Halloween Wreath

Spooky Skulls & Beautiful Bones Halloween Wreath

Halloween is no joke around here, and somewhere among the numerous Halloween bins, bags, and props, I have misplaced my Halloween wreath.  Which, may be a blessing in disguise, because the poor thing was about 10 years old and had seen better nights.  Time to whip up wreath that would pack a spooky punch, but still looks pretty, if there is such a beast.  Short on funds, as per usual, most of the supplies for this Spooky Skull & Beautiful Bones Halloween Wreath were found at the dollar store.  Follow the 5 easy steps below to make your own creepy concoction.


18″ Wire Wreath Form

Black Mesh Ribbon

1 Yard Of Sheer Fabric

Light Up Skulls

Plastic Bones

Black Silk Roses


Floral Wire

Floral Picks

Wire Cutters

Hot Glue Gun & Glue



STEP 1.  Lay the wreath form on a flat surface and gather the mesh, creating folds and tucks in the ribbon.  Cut 6″ pieces of floral wire and attach the mesh to the wreath form, in 8-10 places, spaced evenly around the wreath.  Leave any extra ribbon dangling from the bottom of the wreath.

STEP 2.  Tear strips of sheer fabric (these were old curtain panels) and tuck the fabric under the mesh ribbon and through the folds.  Fill with fabric until the wire wreath form can no longer be seen.  Use hot glue to attach small strips of fabric to the front of the wreath.  Try to cover any floral wire you may see.  Lastly, hot glue 3 long strips of fabric to the bottom of the wreath.

STEP 3.  Cut a length of twine and secure it to the top of the skull head with a floral pick.  Use this twine to tie, or hot glue, the skull to the wreath.  Additional lengths of twine were tied around the plastic bones and also secured to the front of the wreath.

STEP 4.  Pop the black roses off of their stems, and hot glue them to the wreath.


STEP 5.  As final touch, cover that ugly wreath hanger with some hot glue and press on a strip of sheer fabric.  So much prettier!

The spooky skulls and beautiful bones wreath is ready to greet your Halloween Trick Or Treaters.

It looks even better when the skulls are turned on.

Tomorrow, I will post a tutorial on the garland that goes with this wreath.   Until then, happy spooking!

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  1. And once again you take ghoulish-ness to new levels. Next you’ll be telling me you did that project in 30 minutes! Oh inspiredbystacy there’s nothing you can’t boo.

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