Spring Container Planting

Spring is certainly springing in my neighborhood.  Temps have been in the 60’s the last couple of days and the birds have been singing their come hither songs.  It was so sweltering hot on Sunday, that the kids and I broke out the shorts and tank tops.  In March!  It’s unheard of, but fantastic.

To bring a little cheer to our front porch, I am planting up a cheery yellow, white, and green themed spring container.  It will coordinate with my St. Patrick’s Day containers nicely, but will also take me into the Easter holiday.  A holiday twofer you might say.

My current planter already has a lime green Arborvitae for me to work with.  It was hanging a little to the left though, and it had sunk to far down into the pot.  To remedy this, I gently loosened the arborvitae, lifted it up, and placed new potting soil beneath the root ball.  I then turned the shrub so that it’s pretty side was facing the correct direction, and filled in around it with fresh soil.

This container receives morning shade, and afternoon sun, and the plants pictured above are good for sun, to part shade.  The plants are Candytuft, yellow Ranunculus, golden variegated Ivy, woolly, lime Aureum, and a white Engliish Daisy.  The Dead Nettle pictured above, prefers shade, and it is really stinky, so I am not going to include it in the planting.

Before I actually bury the plants in their spots, I first lay out the plants and find an arrangement that works best.  Once I am satisfied, I place potting soil around the root balls until they are snug and warm.  The Ivy had 5 small starts in one 4 inch pot, so I gently untangled the starts from one another and placed 1 or 2 in each corner of the pot.  Don’t be afraid to divide plants if you are able, they will grow big fast with water and vitamin D.

All of the plants used in this container are quite common, and can be found at any local garden center or nursery.  The Ranunculus are my favorite in this mix because they look like little, frilly balls of sunshine to me.  So sweet!

What do you think?  Your comments are a treat to receive.  Cheers!

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