St. Patrick’s Day Flower Pots

The flower pots by my front door are empty, brown, and ugly.  I can practically hear them crying because they feel so neglected and unworthy.

Well no more!  These containers are getting a St. Patrick’s Day face lift.

For the wire basket, a few flowers, a block of floral foam, and this leprechaun hat from the dollar store, are all you need.  If you can’t find a hat like this, use some green felt, or foil instead.

Turn the hat upside down and place it inside the wire basket.  Place the floral foam snuggly inside the bottom of the container.

For this container, I am keeping the plants in their original pots, because this display will only be up for 2 weeks.  If you are making this your plants’ permanent home, then skip the floral foam, fill the container with potting soil, and plant the flowers.

Bam!  The first container is complete and only took a whopping 5 minutes.

Next up, is the tall container.  This guy needs some height, so I am going to make a quick shamrock tree out of a wooden dowel, some wire frame shamrocks, green spray paint, and wire.

Stick that dowel into the ground and give it a super quick coat of spray paint.

After the paint has dried, cut the wire into 10 inch pieces with wire cutters.   Twist the wire onto the shamrocks and then onto the dowel.  Snip off any excess wire.

Now that the shamrock tree is ready, we can move on to planting the flowers.

Before I plant the Candytuft, I am going to empty out about half of the old dirt, and fill it with fresh potting soil.  This will give my baby plants a healthy, vitamin packed start.  I am keeping this planting rather simple with four, white flowering plants.

The pot is placed in position, the shamrock tree is poked into the container, and a few foam shamrocks are added around the flowers for that extra special touch.

Be sure to give your plantings a nice drink of water.  Then step back and admire your handy work.

Do you have containers dying for some TLC? Well get out there and get your hands dirty then!  You can thank me later.


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