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Super Bowl Party Front Door Rug DIY

The Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl again, Baby!  What a nail biter of a game last week.  My stomach was so queasy I couldn’t even crack a cold one until half time.   Then, that crazy, awesome ending.  Heart attack!  From the screams around the neighborhood, I think we all had one.  Yowsa!  I am still in shock but oh so ready to get this house ready to celebrate the Super Bowl in 12th Man style.  GO HAWKS!

As I decorated the front door for Super Bowl festivities this weekend, I couldn’t help but notice how lack luster and boring the front door rug looked.  It definitely didn’t scream football or, GO HAWKS, and that would not do.  After shopping around I did not find a single football themed rug.  Time for a little rug making DIY.

Off to the Home Depot, where a couple of very nice gentleman helped me cut 4 yards of green outdoor carpet and lead me to the white duct tape.  You will not need 4 yards of fabric for one rug, I bought extra for a few other upcoming DIY projects.  Once home, it was time to get cutting.

I used a quilting mat to cut the carpet on and I put a brand new sharp blade in the utility knife.  A new blade will ensure me a nice clean cut.  If you do not have a quilters mat, do your cutting on an area where you will not be afraid of your blade scratching the cutting surface.

Measure out your rug’s desired dimensions.  I went with 24 inches by 36 inches, which was the measurement of my current boring rug.  Lay out your cutting lines and use a straight edge to give you a perfect line.  As you cut, be sure to press firmly and evenly.

The carpet edges would fray if left unfinished, so out came the white duct tape.  Love duct tape!  Start on one side of your rug.  Lay the duct tape sticky side up and bring your rug to the duct tape.  Lay the rug on the tape, leaving an inch or so of over hang, and cut it from the roll.  Next, cut a piece of duct tape and lay it across the top of your rug and over the bottom piece of tape.  Add one more layer of duct tape to widen the border and make the end zone.  Repeat on the other side.

Now, to finish the top and bottom of your rug.  First, snip the duct tape to match the bottom edge and fold it over.  This will make things neater when we make our next fold.  Once again, lay a piece of duct tape sticky side up and bring the rug to the tape.  Layer another piece of duct tape over this piece, sticky sides together.  Take your time to prevent wrinkles and keep as straight of a line as possible.

Time to paint the yard lines on with a white Krylon paint pen. Find the rug’s center point and paint on the 50 yard line.  I found it is best to using a dabbing technique while applying the paint.  Measure out the lines for the remaining yard lines and paint them on too.  I used a template to make measuring easy.  Allow them to dry before moving on and painting the numbers for each yard line.  Let the rug dry over night before placing it out in the elements.

This was a super quick DIY that is sure to make a super first impression at this weekend’s Super Bowl party.  GO SEAHAWKS!  How are you decorating your front door for the game on Sunday?

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